ultimate innovation cat litter logo ultimate innovation cat litter directions for use

Pour 5 - 7cms of ultimate innovation cat litter into the cat litter tray

Take out Solids Daily

At the same time stir thoroughly to ensure complete use of the cat litter. The more you stir, the more air you get to the litter and greater evaporation means the litter lasts longer.

Do not worry if the cat litter starts to turn yellow, it is only the colour from the urine that has been locked inside the silica. In fact keeping the litter uniform in colour in the box will ensure that it is fully used.

Owing to its whiteness, Ultimate Innovation Cat Litter also acts as a very simple monitoring aid. Too dark a yellow could mean your cat may require a greater liquid intake.

Use Ultimate Innovation cat litter for cats and kittens over 8 weeks of age , starting with a layer of 1" (2cm)

ultimate innovation cat litter directions for use

Almost all cats immediately take to Ultimate Innovation cat litter without any fuss but there's always an exception to the rule!.

If this is the case use a 50/50 tray of Ultimate Innovation cat litter with your old cat litter on top.

Gradually extract your old litter until only Ultimate Innovation cat litter is left. This weaning off process should not take long before both you and your cats can enjoy the full benefits of Ultimate Innovation cat litter

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